duminică, 9 ianuarie 2011

Vrei să cunoşti studenţi la Psihologie din toată Europa? Înscrie-te la Congresul EFPSA 2011!

Hey Guys, 

We are extremely happy to say that from now we can officially invite you for XXV EFPSA Congress in Poland. After some difficulties (mostly with organizing org.com live meetings about which You can read here: http://efpsa2011.wordpress.com/) but mostly happy and satisfying moments (like gaining the first sponsor!) we’d like to stress that the most important information for You right now is that registration starts at 1st of December and it will last till 20th of January. We are honored by every application we get, so we count for lots of them.

More information about Congress You can find here: http://congress2011.efpsa.org/

Oh! And what’s more! Try to find our breathtaking posters at Your University. Isn’t it a masterpiece?

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